favorite albums as of 2018

Hello, 2018. Today is my one year anniversary of having this WordPress blog, so I’m going to write a post that I’ve been wanting to post since the beginning.

my favorite albums (as of 2018):

Your Favorite Weapon by Brand New

Well, this album is the soundtrack to my high school years. And nothing ever made me lose my innocence more than finding out that Jesse Lacey is a creep. However, this album got me through 4 years of ups and downs, car rides, and mix cds. Every angsty emotion one can feel is expressed in this album. Perfectly pop-punk, and released way to early for me to fully experience, this album is a banger.

Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels

Crazy for You – Best Coast

Another staple in my collection. I discovered this album in middle school, and it just stayed with me since. The lyrics are catchy, the songs are generally upbeat, and really captures California beachiness in an album. This album also introduced me to surf-rock which I later spent years listening to.

Peripheral Vision – Turnover

Floral Green – Title Fight

I listened to this album because an edgy guy dating my friend always wore a hoodie from this band. The moment I listened I was hooked, and I’ve loved it ever since. Definitely my favorite Title Fight record too, although I know lots of people disagree. I always found the lyrics to be captivating, the riffs to be smooth, and Ned’s voice to be perfectly harsh.

Damaged – Black Flag

It would be trite to explain this album. This is what introduced me to hardcore, and punk in general. Henry Rollins is fucking amazing. Pitchfork rated it a 9.2/10. Love, love, love it.

From Under the Cork Tree – Fall Out Boy

It’s my guilty pleasure album.

Days – Real Estate

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis

Almost too big to describe, but god damn this album captures everything I love in 90’s rock. Plus, that Gallagher sibling rivalry is interesting as hell, and almost adds to the beauty of the album, because you suddenly become aware that, Wow, they can’t make another album like this again. 

Under Soil and Dirt – The Story So Far

Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind




30-day minimalism challenge: days 10,11, &12

Hey howdy hey! I haven’t posted in the last few days. And I wish I had some sort of cool excuse as to what I was doing, like taking a trip across the country, writing an entire novel, or saving baby cats from trees. Honestly, I was not having a very good mental health moment. I felt like I could never get up from my bed, and that I am not in the right city or doing the right things with my life. I felt stuck and terribly sad. Thankfully, I woke up this morning trying to be motivated and ready for life.

The 10th day’s challenge was no email or social media till lunch. On this day, I didn’t even WAKE UP till lunch, let alone check my email or social media. So….does that count?

Day 11 was “evaluate your commitments”. I barely have any commitments. So it took a while for me to think about this, which I guess is the point. I’ve narrowed it down to: school, bachelor’s degree ASAP, my boyfriend, this blog, my film photography, general health, and well-being. Those are the things I’m really committed to. I am so committed to school, it’s just an unquestionable thing for me.  I want to get a degree as fast as I can. I really want to take community college classes to get ahead as much as I can. My boyfriend is something that I am committed to, as I want to make our relationship happy and healthy and long-lasting. I’ve been writing on here daily for the last week or so (except for these last 3 days), and plan on covering every concert I go to. I love taking pictures, I will always set aside some money to keep that passion going. I am always going to try to be the best me that I can be, especially just taking care of my body and giving 100% effort.

Day 12: Define my goals for this year. Uhhh I’m 18 I don’t know what I’m eating for dinner let alone what I’m doing with this year of my life. Finish all my classes with good grades, go to 30 shows. That’s all I can even think of. Everything else seems to be up in the air.


30-day minimalism challenge: day 7

Today, I’ll be explaining my stream-lined reading list, as suggested by this 30-day challenge. I really haven’t been thinking much about reading because I do so much reading for school, that my brain cannot even fathom reading for fun right now. But I’m gonna try to when I can, like on the train, when I have all my homework done when I’ve got nothing else to do.

Here are some books that I haven’t read that I definitely want to read at some point (maybe now, maybe later, whenever I get the time):

  • Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
  • The Alchemist
  • 10% Happier
  • I’m With The Band
  • Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk
  • Get In The Van: On the Road with Black Flag

That’s all I’ve got for this list. This list is already pretty lengthy, but these are books that I’m actually interested in, as opposed to textbooks.