30-day minimalism challenge: day 3

Hey there! I’m posting this a day late, but my 3rd-day challenge was to declutter my digital life.

Now, I don’t know the exact specifics of what this meant, but I tried my best.

I started by deleting all the files on my laptop that I don’t need anymore and filed the rest together into separateĀ folders depending on what they are. That felt really good because it cleaned up more space for school documents and downloads. Then, I cleared out all the pictures that I already have copies of and organized the other ones by date. This helps me as far as my photography goes, now I can see which pictures were taken on each roll. Speaking of which, later tonight I’m posting the scans of my latest roll.

Then, I hopped onto social media and unfollowed the accounts that I really didn’t need to be following such as; brands, companies, stores, and people who I barely know. I did this on Instagram and Twitter, but I left Youtube and Facebook the same.

Overall, this day made me feel a lot cleaner and as though I have my life together. (I absolutely do not.)


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