30-day minimalism challenge: meditation

Welcome to my second day of this minimalism challenge. The challenge for yesterday was to meditate for 15 minutes.

See, I’ve definitely tried meditating before and I’ve found some success with it, it helped me to center myself and calm myself down. I really like it, I just haven’t implemented it into a regular routine. So, yesterday I decided to meditate the first thing in the morning to start the day right. I’ve found little meditation audios to be very helpful and a good guide when I started meditating for the first time in a while. So I meditated for 15 minutes to an audio in the morning, and then at night, I meditated for 15 minutes before I went to sleep without any audio assistance or anything. Both of these meditations helped me center myself and allowed my day to be very intentional and calm.

I plan on keeping this a part of my daily routine because I liked it so much! I think meditation can help pretty much anyone as far as mindfulness goes.


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