30-day minimalism challenge: day 1

The first day of the minimalism challenge was to spend the entire day offline.

I woke up to my alarm and immediately started scrolling through Instagram and Twitter before I even realized that I wasn’t supposed to be doing that. It’s just second nature to me. By the time I noticed my internet use, I was already eating breakfast, so I continued to eat breakfast just staring out the window and sipping my earl grey. I was pretty good at staying offline during my classes, but my 3-hour lecture really started to test me. My afternoon was spent with friends eating, and a small excursion to the Mission District. So, I kept myself generally occupied with friends, naps, and food. It was hard not looking at memes and just scrolling through a feed. Generally, it helped me clear my mind, I had some slip-ups, but it was good to notice how often I use the internet.


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