worthwhile farewell show

On September 1st, the Christian hardcore band Worthwhileplayed their last set ever.

I initially was turned on to Worthwhile because of my boyfriend. He considers them to be one of his favorite bands, so we spend a lot of time listening to them. I really began to like them a lot. They are a “Christian” band, but it’s not like their lyrics are bible verses. Instead, they are a usual hardcore band, but with uplifting lyrics rather than angry or sad ones. “Posi”, you might even say. HA. I’m laughing at myself for typing that.

Anyway, I really started to like Worthwhile, and then on August 2nd, they announced their breaking up and moving on to better things. Well, they also announced a farewell at 924 Gilman St. I just so happened to have moved to San Francisco this month for school, and I had been itching to go to a show.

This show scratched that itch and introduced me to the Bay Area hardcore scene. Other bands that played were: In Her Own Words, Together Apart, and Movements. I was really excited to see Movements because I was a fan of their music already. All of the opening bands drew a significant little group, as devoted fans trickled through the doors all night. Each opening band described their own personal friendship to Worthwhile, which really felt nice because then I knew these bands weren’t just thrown onto the bill to fill up space. Worthwhile thanked their fans a million times through their set and threw a bunch of extra tee shirts that they had into the crowd. At one point, the vocalist’s dad was crowd surfing and stage diving, which was really cool to see parents supporting their children’s music and art.

I had never been to 924 Gilman before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The closest venue in my experience would be the Che Cafe in San Diego. Both DIY, both inexpensive, both capable of hosting large and small bands, both seemed to create a little local music culture. I really enjoyed being at that show, even though it’s a little far from where I’m living in south San Francisco. I can see myself attending plenty more shows in my time here.


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