Hi all! Not many people read my blog, but hopefully that will change! A lot of my friends and coworkers ask me what I do to take care of my skin; so here is a place to put all the information!

A little backstory, I struggled with acne for years. And I’m not talking a few zits on my forehead, I’m talking all over my face, cystic pimples on my chin, all down my neck. Not a cute look. At the time, I wasn’t very worried about it, but I was urged to go see a dermatologist to help. When I first arrived, my dermatologist already knew that my chin and neck acne was all hormonal, which was worrying to hear. But I was already on birth control, so she prescribed me a daily pill called spironolactone. This medicine is typically taken as a blood pressure medication, but somehow it works on your hormones too! She also prescribed me a retinol cream to use at night. Currently, I use both prescriptions, which keeps my acne at bay, and I’ve seen a drastic improvement in the year I’ve been on them! Hooray!

Now, on to the other products I use and my daily routine:


  • cleanse with either Aqua Marina from Lush, or Cetaphil gentle cleanser
  • dry skin, apply Neutrogena’s pore refining toner (bha product)
  • apply vitamin c serum from Art Naturals 
  • apply Neutrogena’s spf 35 oil free moisturizer


  • remove makeup with micellar water , Ultrabland from Lush, or a baby wipe if i’m lazy and driving home late
  • cleanse with aforementioned cleansers
  • apply retinol cream
  • apply Cetaphil gentle moisturizer
  • apply Mario Badescu’s drying lotion on spots
  • take spironolactone pill, head off to bed!



  • as needed, I also use Full of Grace serum from Lush, with a micro needling roller to promote collagen production. this helps to reduce any acne scarring that I have.

Of course, these products are just what works for me to help my combination skin stay hydrated but not too oily. I like these products because they do not cause my skin to break out. Also, I always apply everything that I do to my face, to my neck as well. I sometimes change some of these products if I find a better alternative while on my Target run.


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