two thousand and seventeen

Hello all.

Today is January 1st, 2017. This year will hold a lot of new experiences for me.

I graduate high school this year. I start going to college this year. I’m turning 18 this year. I’m going to move to San Francisco. I’m honestly a bit scared.

This year is where I truly start being an adult. Or what people expect an adult to be like. This time seems to be a huge part in most people’s lives. It’s really strange, but I believe I’m ready.

I’m excited: To live on my own (sort of), to decorate my own space, to come home at whatever time I’d like, to go to as many concerts as I’d like, to live in a big, big city on my own, to really experience being my age.

I’m scared: To live on my own, to be so super responsible for myself, to start having real deal careers, to get in legal trouble in which I could go to real adult jail, to remember to take my medicine and vitamins.

I’m going to: Write more, make this blog my own, make this blog about hardcore, make this blog about interviews and people and movements, make zines, music, art, move away from my home, meet new people, learn a lot about my world, try very hard to achieve my dreams.

To 2017, and all that this year may encompass. Let’s do it.


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