premiere & interview: headstone

San Diego based emo/pop punk band, Headstone, makes waves via delicate guitar riffs, sentimental lyrics and powerful stage presence.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on an in-home band practice this past week. Upon meeting the members, I was greeted with cheerful smiles and a welcome to a humble abode in Oceanside, the location of their practices. Their sweet appearance contrasts the hours that followed – their hardcore side shone through and blew me away instantly.

“We could describe ourselves as ‘aggressive emo pop punk'” says frontman and vocalist David Reyes, joined with nods of approval from bassist Isaac Ruiz and drummer Noah Rangel. While seemingly unsure of what genre to label their music as, the band is definitive of the direction they want to take. The group shared that their visions for the future include intimate house shows, the release of a demo they’ve worked hard on, and expansion in the local music scene.

“The biggest challenge from the beginning was finding a vocalist. Then, we realized our guitar player was our vocalist.” says Rangel. Ruiz jokes,”David was just like ‘Throw me the mic, let me recite!’ – it’s Eminem, guys.”

“The most pleasurable or fun experience as a band was the first time we ran through all of our songs without stopping and mentioning changes or tweaks to make to the music. The accomplishment of actually finishing things feels the best.” piped Reyes. While watching their practice that day, the band stuck to their word, a wave of relief washing over the room every time they played a song to satisfaction of everyone’s tastes.  When I asked how the music created as a band differs from the genres the members personally listen to, the answer was unanimous. They love the music they create, but each member has their own quirks. Headstone combines all of their favorite musical styles and never stays with one or another.

Kelly: “How did you all meet and decide to make music?”

Reyes: “I also met Tommy through local shows and mutual friends.”

Rangel: “Tommy told us about David and we said ‘Dude, hit him up!’. And then you did.”

The conversation sounded like an eHarmony commercial. The chemistry between members showed a love and compassion that surpassed their short history together. As soon as practice ended the members agreed to grab coffee after to continue chatting about their music. Most of the practice was spent messing around:English using his new guitar equipment to play from outside in the garden, whilst everyone else played inside with the speakers wirelessly connected to the vagabond guitar. Needless to say, the members of Headstone have a tight bond that is sure to produce stellar music in the future.


Kathleen Kelly – 2/22/2016


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