this i believe

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaϊs Nin

Unapologetic happiness. This I believe.

Everyday, something happens to me that shakes my typically neutral face and makes me dance with happiness, cry with anger or mope with sadness. Emotions are completely natural, and I’ve discovered that I express my feelings in a way that is sometimes too much for others to handle.

The examples are endless: my crush texts me something cute and I scream into my pillow in excitement, I drive past roadkill on my way to school and start crying, I hear my favorite song on the radio and crank the speakers up and scream with my windows down, I have good news for my friends to hear so I run across the quad, and grab them by their shoulders, speaking almost too fast for anyone to understand.

But this is just who I am. Other people prefer to be quieter, other people have different passions, other people have their own likes and dislikes. Everyone is unique and it is incredibly disheartening when I see people acting a certain way to impress others: their parents in their career and college choices, their friends in their music taste and fashion sense, the amount they post on social media, the food they eat, the way they want to look.

I believe in being unapologetically happy. If it makes you happy, do it. If it makes your heart strings stir, pursue it. The unapologetic part comes in now, don’t be sorry to anyone for liking your favorite TV show, don’t be sorry for loving who you love or being who you want to be. Life is too short to tell people you’re sorry for being the best thing you can be: happy.

When I see people who have no shame in being happy, I see genuine connections with those around them, genuine love for life, and genuine will to get out of bed in the morning.

All I am and all I ever will be is myself. I love going to $5 concerts where this grand idea of “personal space” is completely ignored, where there is no such thing as seated admission. I love buying my clothes from Goodwill because I have no money, but I like to express myself with fashion. I love sitting in a room with my 4 best friends laughing at 2 in the morning – our idea of a girls’ night out. I love carb loading and eating a whole pint of ice cream because I’m just down in the dumps. I am passionate about gender equality and the fight against racism. None of these things make me special or different, plenty of people share these same passions with me. But I’m proud to love what I do, and I will never be sorry for it. It is so sad to watch someone keeping their passions within and never exploring the opportunity to express it.

My worst fear is realizing that I’ve wasted my life away doing what I hate. So I started now.

This I believe.


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